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The Qcon-24 is engineered with complete mechanical and electrical modularity in mind. Each Qcon-24 module is a complete unit. This system allows our customers to cost effectively add or change the modules quickly and easily. Mechanically, the Qcon-24 is a "plug-and-play" system. By simply bolting or unbolting the modules, the system can be configured or reconfigured to meet your needs. Electrically, each module is equipped with a micro PLC that contains the entire program for that section. All like modules have identical PLC programs making reconfiguration extremely simple.


When engineering a product, safety is always the first concern. Unlike other conveying systems which use high horsepower motors, chains, line shafts, V-belts, and high voltage power to move their product, the Qcon-24 uses 24-volts to power its system and motorized rollers to move its product. The Qcon-24 has no chains, no belts, and no motor-gearboxes. This allows your employee to work in a pinch point free environment.


No externally mounted motors


No chains, no belts, no line shafts 


Motorized rollers can be stopped by hand


System is powered by 24v DC power. 


You can actually plug into any 120v outlet

Qcon-24 motorized rollers produce 5.5 in-Lbs torque which is ample torque to move a 100 Lb. object, yet it can be stopped by hand. The Qcon-24 conveying system needs no E-stops, gates, or guards.

Low/No Noise:

How many different distribution centers have you entered that did not require earplugs? Based on recent studies, high working environment noise can be directly related to an employee’s health and job performance.


No ear protection required


55 dba noise level (measured at one meter away w/background noise of 48 dba)

The Qcon-24 and its 55dba noise level allows you to stand near the conveyor without even hearing it run. The Qcon-24 product is designed to run only when a photocell detects an object. This means the conveyor is in the stop mode when product is not present. This makes the Qcon-24 system ideal for stores, office environments and anywhere a low noise system is desired.


Located under the rollers and mounted on a special hinged mounting plate.

bulletMicro PLC  8 Inputs and 8 Outputs 
bulletOptional Host. Local diagnostics, via LEDs 
bulletPlug-in I/O connectors CAN bus network can network up to 253 nodes with use of repeaters after every 64th node.  
bulletOptional Host monitoring  
bulletPlug and Play Photocells.

Frame and Supports:

Standard Frame


Extruded aluminum side frame


7” X 1.625”


Pre-punched hex holes on 1” centers


Ability for 1”-2” hard skewing



Mounted on special mounting cavity running length of conveyor.


No need for holes


Lets look at Components



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